Bernadette Descargar

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My name is Bernadette Descargar and I am the owner of the California Carehomes, LLC. I have been a resident of Elk Grove since the late 1970’s and take pride in being a hometown girl. I grew up attending schools in the Elk Grove School District and chose to stay close to home and attend college at the California State University, Sacramento. I fell in love with our community and have continued to raise my own family in the very same town I grew up in. The carehomes were originally started by my parents, Victorio and Mercedes Descargar. As a teenager and early in my adult years, I grew up involved with the Carehomes in some capacity. Upon receiving a dual degree in Social Work and Ethnic Studies, as well as accumulating years of experience in the Social Services field, I made the commitment to take over the Carehomes full time and continue the legacy of my parents by ensuring that the elderly receive quality care, support and care. The California Carehomes has become an important part of my life, my passion and love. I take pride in what we do and as a family owned business, I have dedicated myself to ensuring that I provide what most families want for their loved one, which is an improved quality of life where their personal, social needs are met and there is constant support and communication. As the owner, I believe in taking a very hands on approach to our program and am involved in not only the daily operation but also in the care to our residents. I am the liaison for medical practitioners and have become an advocate for my residents and their families. I love the Carehomes and what it embodies. Aside from our structured program, there are very natural, fluid elements to what we do. It is not uncommon to smell comfort food cooking in the kitchen, it is typical to hear laughs or the staff and residents singing a familiar tune. It is normal to see the buzz of activity in the family room or courtyards. It’s simple. It’s about quality of care. It’s about quality of life. It’s about family.