Our Promise

8The California Carehomes, LLC is dedicated to improving the quality of life for our clients. With the concentration on continuity of care, we are advocates for not only our clients but for our families as well. The California Carehomes, LLC provides free on site educational and resource presentations from various senior resources, organizations and medical professionals with the hopes of not only educating but empowering our clients to access and help navigate through processes and resources. With the ability to support Dementia and Hospice clients, our professional staff not only concentrates on providing quality care but appreciate the value of a smile, laugh or hug. It’s simple, it’s about love. It’s about family.

Although I still maintain the basic philosophy of respect and family, the California Carehomes, LLC has broadened its program to include an emphasis on the quality of life through quality care. We recognize the difficulty and stress for families to coordinate services for their loved ones so we arrange for in house incidentals such as hair stylists, podiatry services and assist in the coordination of transportation to medical appointments.

We have a recreational program that is catered towards the needs and skills of our clients, daily stimulation through exercise and interaction and diverse menu planning. Another unique feature of our program is the monthly parties and special events. As with many families, parties and special occasions bring everyone together and it is our goal to provide these types of opportunities for our families to enjoy those precious moments with their loved ones and friends.