Our Homes

16Nestled in the heart of old Elk Grove and in one of the more quaint Elk Grove neighborhoods, The Monterey and Tahoe embodies a home with elements that many may be familiar and possibly even grew up with. The energy, activity, constant laughter, sound of music and smell of home cooked meals, promote the comforts of home yet provide the luxuries of daily assistance, support and most importantly, care to our clients.

Each home allows for a private bedroom for each of our clients. The rooms are spacious and have room for all the furniture and personal treasures that make each room unique to the client. The floor plans are centered around an open concept that promotes interaction and communication. Each home has a large dining area, sunroom and both a family and living room. Comfort is important but safety is paramount so each room has its own emergency exit and is licensed to support Non Ambulatory clients

The Monterey and Tahoe boasts large courtyards, shade trees and gardens allowing for additional enjoyment and entertainment space for both our clients and their families and friends. The homes were built with unique element- indoor atriums which allow the natural feel of the outdoors to indoors.

The Monterey and Tahoe are centrally located allowing for easy access to local shops, medical/dental offices, post office, hospitals and senior resources centers. As a long standing home business in our neighborhood, we are surrounded by supportive and caring neighbors who value and appreciate our presence. We are not “just a home” but a home within a strong community and it is this philosophy that allows our clients, their families and friends to experience the normalcy of everyday life but with the much needed support and care that is required at this point in their lives.