17The California Carehomes, LLC is truly a family business as the concept of family is what drives our program and is the center of what we do on a daily basis.

My name is Bernadette Descargar and I am the owner of the California Carehomes, LLC. As a teenager and adult, I grew up involved with the Carehomes. Upon receiving a dual degree in Social Work and Ethnic Studies as well as accumulating years of experience in the Social Services field, I made the commitment to take over the Carehomes full time and continue the legacy of ensuring that the elderly receive support and quality care.

Family has always been an integral aspect of my life. There was never a separation between “immediate” or “extended” family because in my parent’s eyes, we were all family. In the early 1990’s, my parents, Victorio and Mercedes Descargar had all three of their daughters in college. Rather than enjoy the fruits of retirement and the freedom of an “empty nest,” Victorio and Mercedes continued to build on their love for family and opened their first care home in the early 1990’s. Victorio was a retired Navy man whose heart was to serve with honor. Mercedes was skillful in not only managing a busy household but creating a home that was filled with structure, strength and most importantly, love. As one of the original Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly in Elk Grove, they became well known in the community and were often praised for their work with the elderly. After years of seeing the value and gift they provided too many families, they realized the need for more homes to support the elderly and eventually opened their second home.

As with my parents, the Carehomes became an important part of my life, my passion and love. As a family owned business, I have dedicated myself to ensuring that I provide what most families want for their loved one, which is an improved quality of life where their personal, social needs are met and there is constant support and communication.