About Us

18The Monterey Community and Tahoe are both Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly and are licensed by the State of California, Department of Social Services. As a Non Skilled Medical Facility, we service individuals, sixty (60) years of age or older who are appropriate candidates for support in our homes as defined by Community Care Licensing. The California Carehome’s Direct Care Staff are professionals trained to support our clients by providing them with the delicate care and supervision that they may need and deserve in this time of their lives. We believe in the continuity of care and are the direct liaison between the families, senior resources and medical practitioners. We provide assistance and support in a manner which is not only dignified and respectful but most importantly, caring. With the ability to support Dementia and Hospice clients, our professional staff not only concentrates on providing quality care but appreciate the value of a smile, laugh or hug. Some of our basic services would include but are not limited to:

Three nutritious meals and snacks per day.
Assistance in dressing, grooming, bathing and other personal hygiene.
Assistance with taking medication and following special diets.
Central storing and/or distribution of medications.
Arrangement of and assistance with medical and dental care.
Arrangement and managing of resident schedules and activities.