Advocacy And Empowerment

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As a commitment to quality care, The California Carehomes, LLC is constantly keeping up with current research and trends as it relates to the aging process and quality of life issues.  Our goal is to ensure that our staff is up to date and knowledgeable in these areas and able to apply it in our daily role of providing care, ongoing support and assistance to those we serve.  Most importantly, our staff is committed to giving our residents and the families not only the respect and dignity but the love and individual attention they deserve.

It is our belief that the success and comfort of our residents is often times dictated by the team approach and ongoing communication between the medical practitioners, families and California Carehomes staff.  This proactive approach allows us to provide feedback, obtain appropriate evaluation and intervention by skilled agencies and professionals to better support our families and their loved ones.

In our attempt to further strengthen the continuum of communication and care, The California Carehomes, LLC is proud to present our “Education, Enrichment and Empowerment” series.  These free presentations are provided by speakers from various community resources, senior networks and health agencies to provide our families with the information and support that they may need in the future when the time comes to make difficult decisions regarding their loved ones lives.